TimFloodBioTim Flood plays music from and for the soul.

A versatile multi-instrumentalist with a special love for the guitar, Tim creates and performs original songs and instrumental compositions influenced by his love for nature, people and Love itself. Tim has recorded three collections of his music, all of which were released both digitally and in the CD format by the Live Light Records label. A full-length LP album entitled “The Beauty of Life” was released in  2014. This album was preceded by two successful EP releases: “Sound Waves” in 2013 and “All Beauty Surrounds” in 2010. Hailing from Southern California, Tim performs at area community cultural events, festival concerts, art exhibitions, house concerts, yoga events/classes, restaurants and clubs. He also regularly entertains guests at private parties, weddings and corporate events. Tim has toured extensively in the Western USA, as well as having performed in Hawai’i, Mexico and Bali, Indonesia. He performs both solo or with a full band as Tim Flood and Friends.

Besides Tim’s own musical endeavors as a songwriter and bandleader, he is also a talented sideman. He shares his musicianship in many different bands, on all manner of instrument and in a variety of styles such as rock, funk, jazz, reggae and experimental music. Tim is also an accomplished audio engineer and a music instructor. He spends much of his time recording and mixing audio and teaching private music lessons to students of all ages and abilities. When not engaged in musical activities, Tim enjoys surfing, mountain biking, writing poetry, wandering in nature or relaxing in a sunny café reading a good book.